Feed the Pig Challenge: A Game Design Competition from the AICPA, the Ad Council and G4C


Submit for your chance to win up to $10,000
and help Americans think differently about saving

With the changing financial landscape, saving for your future is more important than ever. Even so, in the past year, almost half of 25-34 year olds had to use a credit card to pay for everyday items, like food or utilities, and 43 percent rely on at least some financial help from their parents and family, according to research from the Ad Council.

Young working adults, ages 25-34, who are in the midst of establishing their saving and spending habits, aren’t saving because they don’t feel an urgency to save. Saving feels impossible, overwhelming, and they don’t mind putting it off since “no one else is doing it.”

The Feed the Pig campaign, from the Ad Council and the AICPA, aims to help young adults adopt positive saving habits at a time when they are making major decisions – starting a career, buying a house, getting married, starting a family – all of which will greatly impact their finances. The campaign encourages young adults ages 25-34 to visit FeedthePig.org for simple tools to help them save for their goals, whatever they may be.

To further the reach and impact of the campaign, the AICPA and the Ad Council have partnered with Games for Change (G4C) to launch the Feed the Pig Challenge. The game design challenge invites designers and commercial game studios to submit ideas for digital game concepts that will help educate the target audience on the importance of saving for the future.

Applicants of all experience levels are encouraged to submit their game ideas. Two finalists will each receive a $5,000 prize and the winning team will receive a $10,000 prize and, if they are selected to develop the game, up to $40,000 for a production budget to develop the game.

Submit your game idea here.

Key Dates:

  • Feb 9, 2016: Submissions Open
  • Mar 10, 2016: Deadline for Submissions
  • Apr 18, 2016: Winner Selected by Live Jury

The winning game developer will receive a $10,000 cash prize and potentially, an additional $40,000 for development. Two finalists will each receive a $5,000 prize.

Click here for a complete background, competition guidelines and rules, and criteria.

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Games and Media Summit: First look at talks, from neurogames to VR to real-world sports

2016 Games and Media Summit banner

A first look at who you’ll meet at
the Games and Media Summit

Introducing the first speakers for our Games and Media Summit at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 18! We’ll be sharing more from our program and playable installations soon, and will have the full schedule online in March.

FDA-approved games with Dr. Adam Gazzaley
FDA-Approved Games
Dr. Adam Gazzaley, neuroscientist and chief science advisor of Akili Interactive Labs, shares his quest to create the first FDA-approved video game.


ustwo VR game Land's End
Designing Games for VR with ustwo
The creators of mobile hit Monument Valley and lauded VR game Land’s End share challenges, new techniques, and avenues for aspiring VR game makers to explore.


New Frontiers for Biofeedback in Sports
Wearable sensors and big data are being combined to create virtual models that enhance team performance and game-day decision making. Hear how sports visualization and analysis can improve strategy from Claudio Silva (NYU) and Dirk Van Dall (Major League Baseball Advanced Media).


VR Journalism with Emblematic Group
VR, Empathy, and Civics
Jamie Pallot, from pioneering VR company Emblematic Group, talks about “immersive journalism” and how VR can be used to tell important news stories.



Summit early-bird registration ends March 2

Save $50 on all passes today.


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G4C Industry Circle: Introducing Jukko, mobile advertising for social impact



Jukko: Mobile Advertising for Social Impact

By Elizabeth Sarquis, Founder and CEO

At Global Gaming Initiative, we set out to bring social impact games to the casual games space. We then use revenue generated from our games to provide tangible goods to developing world communities that foster upward mobility, from bicycles and malaria treatments to soccer balls, each item relevant to one of our games.

But as an independent game publisher, our biggest challenge has always been monetization. It’s tough to get noticed and drive the monetization one would want to make a substantial impact in the world.

For this reason, our team created Jukko, the first monetization solution for cause-minded game developers and mobile discovery platform for socially-conscious brands. We’ve created a way for all users to contribute to social impact and provide a platform from which cause-minded game developers convert their games into even greater catalysts for social impact.

Here’s how Jukko works. Publishers decide to monetize using Jukko. Players discover socially-conscious brands and engage with their ads during natural breakpoints in the game experience (for example, after clearing a level). For each brand engagement, players are rewarded with Jukko Coins, which they can give to specific impact projects and see the impact they’ve made before returning to the game experience. Our publisher partners in turn receive payouts based on ad impressions and engagements.


For example, just by engaging with one or two brands during a 30-minute game session, whether it be swiping to learn more or clicking on a call-to-action, a player can earn enough Jukko Coins to give a child a day’s worth of meals at school. While impact projects change over time, other redeemable giving options include a weekly scholarship, local language learning books for students, and egg-laying hens for local businesses.

For game developers, Jukko offers a monetization solution that maintains the user experience, a fundamental challenge for publishers looking to stay in the business of making games for good. Additionally, we’ve built a light and easy-to-integrate SDK (software development kit) while also providing a dashboard where publishers can track all metrics relevant to app usage, monetization, and positive social impact created.

We’re excited as we expand our app publisher and brand partners in the coming months. Our goal is to get the most number of independent game developers using Jukko, so we can so we introduce a new model of giving to as many players as possible. If you’re interested in being a part of the Jukko community as a game publisher, connect with us at www.jukko.com/publishers.

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Games for Change is looking for interns: Communications, Production and Design

1508_Games for Change internship posting

We’re looking for interns who are interested in getting involved with games for social impact and can help us make our upcoming events the best yet.

Interns will get to attend the Games & Media Summit at the Tribeca Film Festival and the annual Games for Change Festival, where you can learn about and play the latest gaming technologies and hear from leaders and innovators in the world of gaming. Past speakers at Games for Change events include: former Vice President Al Gore; former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor; and gaming industry luminaries, such as Jane McGonigal, Gabe Newell, Brenda Romero, Eric Zimmerman, and more.

See below for more details on each internship and how to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!


The Communications Intern will support Games for Change’s NYC team on a range of communication needs including writing, blogging, social media, marketing and research, helping promote the work of G4C far and wide!

The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic writer/blogger, great storyteller, articulate communicator and hardworking self-starter. This is a collaborative role that involves working closely with the G4C team.

Start date: Immediately
Location: New York City
Duration: Minimum 10 weeks, 16-24 hours per week
Compensation: Unpaid, school credit available

The Communications Intern will work closely with the Project Director and Community Manager to:

  • Write and post content to the G4C website (e.g. blogs, interviews, video and media)
  • Research and manage databases of games, organizations, programs, and developers
  • Help develop G4C social media strategy; draft content for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Use analytics tools to provide reports on G4C social media accounts; archive web content
  • Review and report on games for G4C Arcades; pitch stories for G4C blog
  • Help manage inquiries for G4C programs and consulting services
  • Compose overview documents and concept decks
  • Support G4C team across range of projects and community events, including Challenges, Festival, and Arcades


  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, efficient, and capable of working in a fast-paced environment
  • Experienced in writing/blogging and social media
  • Able to prioritize and execute without sacrificing quality
  • Flexible and comfortable working with remote team members
  • Comfortable with WordPress, HTML, Microsoft Office, and Google Docs
  • Demonstrate exemplary written and verbal communication skills

Additional Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with Adobe Suite, graphic design and/or photo editing software
  • Passion for games for social change and interactive storytelling

How to apply:
Please send an email with the subject line “Communication Intern” to [email protected] that includes your resume and a brief cover letter with your availability (hours per week), school/program and expected graduation year, relevant work experience, and favorite game.


Games for Change is seeking a Festival Production Intern to support the NYC team on a range of production needs for the 2016 Games & Media Summit and G4C Festival.

The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic and driven production assistant, with experience in event planning and production. This is a collaborative role that involves working closely with the G4C team.

Start date: February 1
Location: New York City
Duration: Minimum 10 weeks (through April 24), 16-24 hours per week
Compensation: Unpaid, school credit available


  • Support G4C Festival production team (Executive Producer and Producer) in daily activities across a range of festival development and production projects
  • Conduct research on partnerships, sponsorships, venues, vendors, and technology
  • Communicate and manage outreach to partners, speakers, and sponsors
  • Coordinate travel plans, volunteer outreach, and website content


  • Experience in event, festival or media production
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, efficient, and capable of working in a fast-paced environment
  • Very reliable, self-motivated, and proactive
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with remote teams
  • Experience working with interactive media a plus
  • Must be able to work at G4C office in NYC
  • Currently or were recently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student

How to apply:
Please send an email with subject line “Festival Production Intern” to [email protected] that includes your resume and a brief cover letter with your availability (hours per week), school/program and expected graduation year, and relevant work experience with festival, event, or media production.


Games for Change is seeking a Graphic Design Intern to support the NYC team on a range of design needs including website design, promotional collateral (print and web), branding, information design and photo editing.

The ideal candidate will be a skilled graphic designer, with ability to work with brand guidelines and communicate clearly both visually and verbally. This is a collaborative role that involves working closely with the G4C team.

Start date: February 1
Location: New York City
Duration: Minimum 10 weeks (through April 24), 16-24 hours per week
Compensation: Unpaid, school credit available


  • Design reports, graphics, digital badges and artwork
  • Creating images to be shared on our website, social media, newsletter, and blog
  • Balance work within brand guidelines and online marketing best practices to produce consistent deliverables
  • Assist in research of the social impact games space (i.e., playing games!)
  • Archiving Games for Change online content


  • Proficient in Adobe Suite (Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop)
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google platform
  • Highly organized, detail-oriented, efficient, and capable of working in a fast-paced environment
  • Experience designing on-brand (to match a brand’s look and feel)
  • Clear verbal communicator
  • Knowledge or interest in digital games, especially social impact games is a plus
  • Currently or were recently enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student

How to apply:
Please email your cover letter, resume, and work samples/portfolio with the subject line “Graphic Design Intern” to [email protected].

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G4C Festival: Send us your games and ideas for talks by February 24

2016 Games for Change Festival banner

We’re looking for speakers and games to highlight at our 2016 Games for Change Festival to be held June 23-24 at The New School’s Parsons School of Design. A limited number of submissions will be selected and receive complimentary passes to the Festival.

The deadline for all categories is February 24, at 11:59 p.m. EST. We look forward to hearing from you!

The 2016 Festival will focus on three areas:

  • Neurogaming & Health
  • Civics & Social Impact
  • Games for Learning

Have an idea for a talk that doesn’t fit in one of these tracks? Don’t worry — presentations, discussions, demos and challenging ideas outside of these topics are welcome, too!

Deadline: Feb. 24, 11:59 p.m. EST

Game Awards
Each year, we celebrate the year’s best games for change at our G4C Awards ceremony and an on-site arcade of the Awards finalists for Festival attendees to play. If you have launched or will launch a game for change between January 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016, then go for it!

We are excited to introduce a new award category to the 2016 competition: Best Learning Game. We are pleased to support the sector’s accelerating viability and to demonstrate our growing commitment to the power of games in learning.

Deadline: Feb. 24, 11:59 p.m. EST

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Games and Media Summit: Registration opens today!

2016 Games and Media Summit banner

Early-bird passes on sale!

Register now and save $50.


Join us at the 2016 Games and Media Summit, where we reinforce the connections between games, technology, film and social impact.

  • Explore how ground-breaking technologies, innovative digital platforms, and creative interfaces can lead to social change.
  • Hear from innovators and creators who are leading the charge in shaping the way we feel, play, work and interact with games, technology and media.
  • Get your hands on the newest in virtual reality, augmented reality, wearables, biofeedback, camera-sensing and motion capture devices at our interactive arcade, and meet the creators.
  • Participate in our first-ever Charity Game-a-thon, hosted by YouTube gaming celebrities!

For more information click here.

Looking for the G4C Festival?

Our 2016 Games for Change Festival will take place June 23-24. Details here.

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Winner of $10,000 prize announced in
N Square Game Design Challenge

N Square Game Design Challenge banner

Games for Change and N Square are excited to announce the winner of the $10,000 N Square Challenge, a design competition that invited concepts for games that address the risk of nuclear weapons.

N Square Challenge winner: $10,000 prize

Epic Orphan, by Yvette Chin
An episodic thriller where you are agent working in an anti-terrorism agency of a prominent superpower tasked with investigating nuclear incidents. Follow clues to solve puzzles and other mini-games and track down the private individuals taking advantage of orphan sources, uncontrolled radioactive materials that could be used for dirty bombs.

Honorable mentions

The Oregon Road, by Alex Wellerstein
An RPG survival game, inspired by the original Oregon Trail (1971). This remake would be based on carefully-researched, extremely-plausible models of conditions after a nuclear weapons exchange at one of the tensest moments of the Cold War. Pick your team, pack your provisions, grab your Geiger counter, watch your dosimeter, and start making your way through the post-nuclear American heartland.

Inspector-General, Christopher Ihan Choy
A real-time nuclear crisis management and investigation game that puts you in the shoes of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Inspector General, who is in charge of inspecting nuclear sites, preventing weapons proliferation, and tracking cases of stolen nuclear material. Determine good intelligence from bad and oversee an ever increasing number of inspections sites, regimes intent on nuclear proliferation, and investigations of missing material with a limited budget.

Beads and Rocks, by Matthew Nadelhaft
A turn-based tabletop game that invites groups to compete in a proliferation arms war trading game. Trade beads and rocks with other players to build and defend your stockpile. This competitive strategy game asks players to make decisions as nation leaders and work to keep the balance between security, diplomacy and safety through a series of turn based events.

Evaluation and award winners

The evaluation process spanned three weeks of careful deliberation, and four titles were hotly debated in the final hours. In the end, one winner was identified as the winning entry and recipient of the $10,000 cash prize. In the upcoming months, the game concept will be developed into a playable digital game by a third party developer.

In addition to our grand prize winner, three submissions are also being recognized by N Square with an honorable mention based on the strength of their submissions and well-designed gameplay.

More on the N Square Challenge submissions

The N Square Challenge invited anyone, anywhere, to conceptualize a game aiming to engage and educate players about the dynamics of nuclear weapons risk (no prior game design experience or subject matter expertise was required). The competition yielded over 240 submissions (the most ever in a G4C challenge) from innovators across the world. In addition to gaming professionals, we received submissions from nuclear experts, scientists, filmmakers, students and everyone in between.

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Games & Media Summit: Call for submissions (Deadline: Jan. 15)


Send us your ideas for talks, demos, and installations for our next event at the Tribeca Film Festival

Our Games & Media Summit asks how emerging technologies and innovative interfaces/platforms are opening new ways for social impact.

We want speakers and creators who will provoke discussions and lead the charge to help shape the way we feel, play, achieve, and interact in games and media. Our program will spotlight new possibilities for unexplored game mechanics and narratives that amplify empathy, expand attitudes, inspire action, and cultivate communities.

Accepted speakers and installations will receive complimentary passes to the Summit, and there is no fee for submitting. We look forward to hearing from you!

We invite you to share your ideas, projects and insights about how emerging platforms are changing the way people make and play games with impact.

Deadline: Jan. 15, 11:59 p.m. EST

Created a game experience with groundbreaking technology that’s ready for showtime? We are looking to highlight 6 to 8 thought-provoking projects using:

  • virtual, augmented, or mixed reality
  • neuroheadsets, arm/body wearables, or biofeedback technologies
  • camera sensing and motion capture devices
  • mobile devices and location-based experiences
  • custom arcade machines

Deadline: Jan. 15, 11:59 p.m. EST

We want to feature not-yet-finished projects with high potential for social impact. If you have a prototype or a trailer that shows where your work is headed, we’d like to hear about it!

Deadline: Jan. 15, 11:59 p.m. EST

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Pocket Change Game Design Challenge: Win $10,000 for your idea to help youth bank on their financial future

Show young Americans how savings makes cents in our $10,000 game design challenge!

Financial challenges plague many Americans who are living paycheck to paycheck and not establishing safety nets through savings. In the U.S., 44 percent of all households do not have a sufficient financial reserves to weather a financial crisis, according to the nonprofit CFED.

Transformance and Games for Change seek game ideas that will help American youth make sense of their financial future in the Pocket Change Game Design Challenge, which offers a $10,000 cash prize. The game should introduce the basic concepts of savings and outline what players need to start overcoming debt and building their wealth. The winning game will be promoted and used in collaboration with Transformance e-learning platform and financial literacy tools that promote lifelong financial stability.

This challenge is open to entrants from around the world and particularly seeks entries from commercial game studios, independent developers, and students in the Greater Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth region, where Transformance works to boost financial literacy. Applicants should have experience in or familiarity with game design and development.

Help Americans find financial stability and give them the confidence to bank on their future! Submit your game idea here.

Key Dates

  • Dec. 1: Contest announced
  • Feb. 5: Submissions due
  • Feb. 22: Top five selected and notified
  • Mar. 18: Top five finalists present to live jury at Transformance’s event in Dallas, and a winner is selected

The winning game developer will receive a $10,000 cash prize and the winning game will be distributed through the Pocket Change Financial Learning Hub platform (the online portal and mobile app developed by Noggin Labs) and featured as part of the Transformance outreach to young adults ages 15 to 24. Additionally, Istation, an e-learning program used by more than 4 million students and educators globally, will provide in-kind development support to the winner through access to its design facilities in Dallas and mentoring support.

Click here for a complete background, competition guidelines, and criteria.

About Transformance
The $10,000 Pocket Change Game Design Challenge is presented by Transformance, a nonprofit founded more than 40 years ago as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Dallas. Other challenge sponsors include Istation, Noggin Labs and Lumos Partners.

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Save the Dates: Games & Media Summit and Games for Change Festival


April 18: Games & Media Summit

June 23-24: The 13th Annual G4C Festival

Mark your calendar: For 2016, we’re refreshing our events schedule, content, and location, based on your feedback and some exciting new opportunities.

2016 Games and Media Summit

On April 18, 2016, Games for Change returns to the Tribeca Film Festival and the Tribeca Festival Hub with a daylong summit that highlights how emerging technology, innovative gaming interfaces and platforms are opening new ways for social impact: VR, augmented reality, mixed reality, biofeedback, neurogaming, and more.

Through a partnership with 3BLACKDOT, The event will combine on-stage sessions and demos of the latest gaming tech with an on-site games arcade. We will also be joined by top YouTube celebrities, some reaching millions of young subscribers and game players for a special live gameathon! Early bird passes to the Tribeca Festival Hub will go on sale soon on the Tribeca Film Festival site — more info to come!
2016 Games for Change Festival
On June 23 and 24, the core programming of the Games for Change Festival is moving to its old (and new!) home at The New School’s Parsons School of Design. The state-of-the-art venue near New York City’s Union Square offers a holistic experience under one roof:

  • Keynotes by top thought leaders in games and social impact
  • G4C Awards ceremony
  • Breakout sessions and workshops
  • Game arcades
  • And this year, we’ll be adding by public demand:

And this year, we’ll be adding by public demand:

  • A second, expanded edition of the Games for Learning Summit, uniting educators, government officials, game studios, and edtech companies.
  • Broader agenda in impact games with specialized tracks on Learning, Neuroscience & Health and Civics & Global Issues.
  • The G4C Marketplace to showcase leading companies and emerging studios.


More to come soon…

We’ll continue to share more info as the 2016 events develop. Keep an eye out for our calls for talks, demos and games in the following months! In the meantime, check out the 2015 Festival’s highlights.

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