Gaming is a rapidly growing and evolving field, driven by emerging technologies that are transforming the way we collaborate and communicate with each other. Through the special initiatives and programs featured below, Games for Change is fostering communities of practice for people of all ages to collaboratively design the future of gaming, today.

Raising Good Gamers

The promise and potential of video games and new media as spaces of learning, social exchange, and civic engagement among youth will not be realized without a shared public agenda addressing the growing problem of toxicity online. While policies and infrastructures have long been in place to assure safe, public playgrounds for kids in the real world, no such approaches exist for the online playgrounds where young people spend increasing amounts of time.

Raising Good Gamers, developed in partnership with Connected Learning Lab, implicates us all in developing a response: designers, technologists, activists, researchers, funders, academics, parents, and educators. How might we create and support gaming communities that cultivate empathetic, compassionate, and civically engaged kids? What might it look like to develop youth’s socio-emotional capacities to positively shape the climate of gaming clubs and communities? What role can the design of video games, gaming communities, and associated technologies play in mitigating abuse? How do we build the foundations of a healthy community directly into the platforms and communities themselves? The goal of RGG is to create a sustainable movement that can change the culture of online gaming for everyone.

Learn more on the Raising Good Gamers website. 

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XR for Change

Games for Change launched the XR for Change initiative in 2017 to develop a community of practice to use immersive media to address real-world challenges, create empathy, and drive social change. The initiative seeks to encourage dialogue, foster collaboration between content creators, industry, and cause-based organizations, advance equity and inclusion, and inspire creative use of emerging technologies for social impact.

The program has a wide range of applications from XR Immersive Arcades to the XR Brain Jam, both of which exemplify how XR technologies create new forms of social impact and engagement in various industries, including education, health, civics, and entertainment.

In 2020 Games for Change developed a white paper surveying the impact landscape of XR. Featuring use cases and interviews with industry leaders, the report offers a nuanced primer on current and future XR applications in education, healthcare, and the workplace. Read “XR for Social Impact: A Landscape Review” now!

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