Celebrate Black Creatives in Games and Creative Media with Games for Change!

February 16, 2024 / by Games for Change


The gaming industry, like many creative sectors, thrives on diversity. The unique perspectives, stories, and experiences that Black developers bring to the table enrich the gaming landscape, offering players new ways to see, understand, and engage with the world. By focusing on games developed by Black creatives, G4C aims to amplify these voices, providing a platform for stories that might otherwise go unheard and experiences that can broaden the horizons of players around the globe.

This is more than a month-long celebration this is G4C’s ongoing mission to reflect on history, challenge stereotypes, and engage in efforts to combat societal biases. Below you can dive into a selection of games, sessions, and positive game design challenges. These selections offer insights into the black experience, provide solutions to amplify these voices, educate on biases, diversify games featuring the black diaspora, and break down stereotypes. 

Featured Games and Experiences

Hair Nah is an arcade game developed by Momo Pixel that addresses microaggressions of touching a black woman’s hair without permission. Through the gameplay, Hair Nah delves into bodily autonomy and black hair empowerment and prompts the discussion of understanding the importance of consent.

Harlem Unbound is a tabletop role-playing game that immerses the player in the 1920’s Harlem Renaissance New York. Players delve into the roles of African-American or immigrant characters dealing with Cthulhu Mythos and the societal struggles of the time, such as racism and the clash of race/classes. This game provides an immersive exploration of Harlem, featuring historical figures, events, and locations. This game challenges players to make meaningful choices while exploring the 1920’s and Lovecraftian horror monsters.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is the first ever Nubain fantasy Action-RPG ever developed by Kiro’o Games. This action RPG takes the player on a beautiful journey in the fictional land of Zama, stepping into the role of Enzo Kori-Odan, the last heir to the Odan family. Moments before his coronation as King, he is ambushed, overthrown, and exiled from his palace in a coup led by his very own brother. To regain his throne, he is on a quest seeking help from other countries to form alliances.

Our America is an upcoming VR game that offers an immersive experience, allowing players to step into the perspective of a black father and son on their journey to school on time. The narrative will unfold through decisions made by the player, who will have to navigate through scenarios that involve subtle and overt racism. This game offers the players empathy and critical thinking, promotes cultural awareness, and contributes to converting racial awareness and social justice.

Discover more about these games and the powerful discussions from the G4C Festival by visiting our archives. Let’s continue to celebrate, elevate, and support Black creativity and innovation in gaming. Their voices are essential for fostering inclusivity, broader narratives, and creating a more diverse gaming community. Together, let’s amplify and highlight Black game developers and their contributions to the gaming Industry.


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