BBC Earth: Life in VR – California Coast

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Android, XR

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BBC Earth: Life in VR – California Coast


BBC Earth: Life in VR is a meticulously researched and crafted experience, which takes the users to the Californian coast, and an underwater world bursting with life. Inspired by a love of Natural History filmmaking, it uses a strong narrative voice to tell a core story, with an open-world design that provides agency and rewards exploration.

BBC Earth: Life in VR focuses on face-to-face animal encounters, providing closer access than ever to their behavior and characteristics. The format’s ambition is to move the user from being a passive viewer to an active participant, providing VR-only moments which have never been experienced by audiences before. BBC Earth: Life in VR takes the user on a journey through a number of ecosystems, from the kelp forests of the coastal waters to the deep trenches below the Pacific Ocean. Each location has been authentically reproduced, allowing the users to discover real stories from the natural world, within the comfort of a VR experience.

In the experience, the user can dive with sea otters as they forage for food to sustain themselves and their families, and learn about the vital role kelp forests play in the health of our oceans. The user can also become microscopic and discover how zooplankton is the building blocks of the ocean. The user can then witness the diurnal vertical migration of Humboldt squid as they return from their shallow hunting waters and seek cover in the darkness of the depths. Players can witness the hunt of a mighty sperm whale bull as he dives to depths of over 1,000 meters in a hunt for a giant squid. They can also learn about other animals such as the ferociously territorial Garibaldi fish or maybe even encounter a patrolling great white shark looking for an easy meal.