G4C & Epic Games Team Up to Bring Powerful EdTech Tools to the Classroom 🖥

March 11, 2021 / by Cassie Baralis

Category: Community, Events

Games for Change is excited to announce a partnership with Epic Games that will offer middle and high school educators a chance to bring Fortnite, Unreal Engine, Twinmotion, and other Epic Games content into their classrooms, now through the end of the year.

Games for Change will be offering four types of free workshops:

  • Introduction to Interactive 3D for Creators: Hour-long webinars that will introduce educators to interactive 3D and real-time technology across various industries, including advertising, game development, architecture, engineering, automotive, film, and entertainment. The workshop will share teaching resources using Fortnite Creative, Twinmotion, and Unreal Engine. Educators will leave with an understanding of the suite of Epic Games’ 3D interactive resources and the potential they have to prepare students for real-world skills using industry-standard tools.
  • “Teach With Fortnite Creative” Workshop: Half-day workshops where educators will learn to use Fortnite Creative to empower students to become creators. Teachers will engage in hands-on learning and a series of challenges to explore Fornite Creative’s fundamentals. This workshop is a great start to help educators bring Fortnite Creative into the classroom, in person or virtually.
  • “Teach with Fortnite Creative Level 2” Workshop: This next-level workshop will dive deeper into the functionality of Fortnite Creative and examine innovative ways to create a curriculum that educators can incorporate into their content area. Participants will understand how devices in the game can enhance automation to develop more engaging experiences.
  • “Teach with Unreal Engine” Workshop: In this workshop, educators will gain a better understanding of how Unreal Engine is being used across industries, including advertising, architecture, automotive, games, film and television, and beyond. They will learn Unreal Engine fundamentals through guided projects, explore lesson plans, and walk away with tools and resources to successfully implement real-time content creation into their learning environments.

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