Active Citizen

‘Active Citizen’ brings Nobel Peace Prize laureates past and present into the Minecraft world to help young people learn that peace is achieved through actions, big and small. Through game play, students will develop an understanding of the skills needed to democratically and peacefully bring about positive change, and create their own vision for peace — then bring their vision to life in an immersive Minecraft world.

The game starts at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, where players are introduced to Alfred Nobel, the creator of the Nobel Prizes. ​The player will meet four Nobel Peace Prize laureates, learn their stories, and help them overcome challenges to build toward peace. The four Nobel Peace Prize laureates featured in ‘Active Citizen’ are Malala Yousafzai, Wangari Maathai, Dalai Lama and Fridtjof Nansen. The game includes accompanying resources on the web for classroom use, including lesson plans and teacher discussion guides for students aged 8-16.

The ‘Active Citizen’ project is the first collaboration between the Nobel Peace Center and Minecraft: Education Edition, and the first time the Nobel Peace Prize is part of a gaming activation of this scale. Games for Change, a nonprofit that executive produces social impact gaming projects, facilitated the connection between Mojang Studios and the Nobel Peace Center, and has supported the Nobel Peace Center in the development of educational resources for use in 112 countries where Minecraft: Education Edition is used in schools. The Nobel Peace Center and Games for Change partnership was facilitated and supported by Segal Family Foundation.