Rispek Danis

Rated E for Everyone


Empathy, Grief / Mental Health


Jennifer Ann's Group


Android, Web

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Rispek Danis


A culturally appropriate and enjoyable game about consent created for youth in Vanuatu, a country with one of the World’s highest rates of sexual victimization of children. The game is narrated in Bislama, a primary language of Vanuatu, and all dialogue, locations, and music are representative of ni-Vanuatu youth life.

‘Rispek Danis’ is a video game developed collaboratively between World Vision Vanuatu and Jennifer Ann’s Group to produce a culturally relevant video game intended to teach young people about the meaning and importance of consent. This game has been designed for World Vision International’s ‘It Takes a World Campaign’ which in Vanuatu is focused on preventing sexual violence against women and children in Vanuatu.