Project Discovery Exoplanets

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Empathy, STEM


CCP, MMOS, University of Geneva


Mac, PC

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Project Discovery Exoplanets


Project Discovery Exoplanets is the second iteration of a novel approach in citizen science, that we call Massively Multiplayer Online Science. It is the integration of citizen science tasks into major videogames as a seamless gaming experience. This approach already has proven to be working exceptionally well with the first iteration: Project Discovery Proteins.

Citizen science has already made very important contributions to scientific research. In certain cases, it is the only way to analyze large datasets for small research teams with limited resources. But citizen science is much more than just a clever way to crowd-source scientific data analysis/acquisition. Citizen science empowers, educates, and generally brings closer scientists and layman people and thus is an invaluable tool in science outreach. And science outreach is paramount; we, outsiders must understand what is going on in high-end research labs, how is research being done and why is it important. This insight is a strategic goal for us as a society.