Mission US: For Crown or Colony?

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Education, History




Mac, PC

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Mission US: For Crown or Colony?


Produced by Thirteen and funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Humanities, Mission US is an interactive adventure game where the player experiences different eras in American history. Throughout the game, players must take care of various tasks while learning about various cultural ideologies and facts.

Each mission in the game represents individual eras in history. As the player progresses through each period, they are given an understanding of the cultural climate at the time through the viewpoint of various characters. The first level of Mission US takes place in Boston in the year 1770 and leads up to the events that caused the Boston Massacre, an incident that spawned a revolution throughout the British American colonies. As a young print maker’s apprentice, players learn various “smart words” which represent key ideas and terms relevant to the time period. Interactions with characters throughout the game also challenge players to choose a side in each conflict present in that game’s chapter. The decisions you make in conversation affect which side of the story you hear, giving players the opportunity to discover history from all angles.