Liyla and the Shadows of War

Rated E for Everyone


History, International Women's Day


Rasheed Abueideh


Android, iOS

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Liyla and the Shadows of War


Liyla and the Shadows of War is based on actual events and tells a story of a little girl who lives in Gaza during the war in 2014. The minimalist, story-driven platformer challenges players to avoid bombs, drones, and other dangers while guiding a family through the hazardous Gaza strip. You must solve puzzles, respond to changes in the environment and make brave, difficult decisions in order to survive.

The game allows players to experience war from the perspective of a civilian and see the devastating effects of war on children. Face your fate with time running against you, your family in danger, and nowhere to hide. The game communicates that when you live in a war zone and death is hunting everyone, things will look different and choices become harder; all you can do is get to a safer place.