Epistory – Typing Chronicles

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Mac, PC

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Epistory – Typing Chronicles


Epistory – Typing Chronicles is an atmospheric adventure typing game that tells the story of a writer lacking inspiration and the muse that resolves this. You will play as the muse, a girl riding on the back of a giant three-tailed fox who fights insectile corruption in an origami world. In this 3D fantasy, everything is untold. Your adventure begins on a blank page, but as you progress and explore, the story literally unfolds and the mysteries of the magic power of the words you type are revealed.

You will gather inspiration, solve mysteries, and defeat enemies, all by typing. From movement to opening chests and fighting adrenaline-pumping epic battles, every element in the game is controlled exclusively from the keyboard. No matter what kind of typist you are, Epistory helps to develop every skill set with its dynamic difficulty system.

Through this journey of discovery, players will embark on their own personal journey. Now available in 10 languages, Epistory promises to be unique, personal, and paved with wonder for every Fox Rider who plays.