Clouds Over Sidra

Rated E for Everyone


Migration, Racial Equality, Social Issues


Gabo Arora & Chris Milk, UNVR, Within



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Clouds Over Sidra


Meet Sidra. This charming 12-year-old girl will guide you through her temporary home: The Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Zaatari is home to 130,000 Syrians fleeing violence and war, and children make up half the camp’s population. In this lyrical VR film, Sidra leads you through her daily life: Eating, sleeping, learning and playing in the vast desert city of tents.

The piece was initially created to support the United Nations Secretary-General’s MDG Advocacy Group’s call for partnerships to build resilience in vulnerable communities. It’s the first ever film shot in virtual reality for the UN,  and has the powerful capacity to allow anyone on a global scale experience life within a refugee camp, and inspire the message of hope among not only the millions displaced but also those motivated to act.