Plague Inc.

Release Date: May 26, 2012

Developer: Ndemic Creations

Infect as many people as possible before humanity finds a cure.



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Plague Inc. is an eerie pathogen simulator thatĀ lets you become a deadly disease set out to infect everyone on Earth. Players start off by picking a country, trying to evolve their pathogen from a nonlethal disease into a highly infectious epidemic capable of ending life as we know it. Players earn DNA points by infecting more countries, which they can use to add certain attributes to their pathogen, such as the ability able to spread via animals or cause more deadly symptoms like organ failure and insanity.

Plague Inc. highlights the different ways that diseases can spread depending on environmental factors and specific countries’ economic status. For example, evolving your pathogen to survive in warm water will increase the likelihood that it will infect those in humid areas. Less developed countries have a harder time fighting off the disease while richer countries scramble to find a cure. Just as real-life pathogens often evolve to counter humanity’s efforts to eradicate it, the player must do the same in Plague Inc. in orderĀ to survive. In-game CDC announcements and news headlines pop up during play, giving feedback on how the players’ pathogen is faring.

Multiple pathogens and strategies for infecting the world encourage players to explore different styles of play and strategies each time they play. They canĀ start out at a remote part of the Earth, slowly moving undetected to the rest of the planet or to quickly evolve in a higher populated area trying to cause as much chaos early on as possible. The more you play Plague Inc., the more you learn, sometimes without even realizing it.

Plague Inc. developer James Vaughan presented the game at the CDC as a potential tool to teach the public about outbreaks and disease transmission. He also spoke at the 10th Anniversary Games for Change Festival.

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    This is one of the best G4C I’ve played in a long time. It’s fun, interesting, I learned a lot about how diseases, infections, bacteria, etc. work. It also changed the way I look at traveling and health. It also made me more careful to avoid contracting/spreading illnesses.

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    Pros: Addictive game play that punishes you if make the wrong choice.

    Funny news ticker with witty writing involved. With a liberal slant that poked fun a recent issues the game made me chuckle a few times.

    Cons: Little control over what happens. This leaves you feeling some what stranded if you make the wrong choice. In the end it made me restart several times with in the first few minutes.

    This was particularly true once I played a few games and realized they could drag on for almost an hour even on the fastest time setting.

    The Gross: Pay wall, pay to win. I played it on the iPhone and they added a few methods to pay to get new power ups. I don’t like this in games when I already payed .99 cents to get the game.

    Overall the game isn’t bad but soon becomes repetitive. I quickly became bored of it after around five hours. Though for .99 cents I can’t say much else has entertained me for that long. Decent buy, though you stay away if you are looking from something with a more substantial story.

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    Overall I give this game an 8 out of 10.

    I have played this game over and over and over, and therefore the replay value of the game is definitely a major factor. Given the different difficulty levels and the amount of time that it takes to actually "infect the world" and win the game, it definitely was able to keep my attention. I also liked the fact that the random discoveries in medicine tended to thwart my efforts, probably more times than I can count.

    On the flipside, however, some of the difficulty levels are just plain stubborn. I had found myself restarting over and over again to get just the right combination. Another downside to the game is in fact the "pay to play" option. I have never been a big fan of this option in many games, and I just don’t see the point in it with this particular game.

    In closing, Plague Inc. is a great time killer when bored and have access to it. It challenges the brain and the thinking process to concoct just the right poison that will win the game. A definite must for those times when you need something to hold your attention.

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    This game is suspenseful and interesting. It is engaging for all ages, but it isn’t suited for all.

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