Dumb Ways to Die

Release Date: September 22, 2013

Developer: McCann

"I solemnly swear to not do dumb stuff around trains."



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Dumb Ways to Die really wants people to avoid dangerous situations around trains — and other life-threatening scenarios such as extracting toast from a toaster with a fork or dancing in piranha-infested waters.

Players will need to tilt, blow on, and tap their device to survive an endless sequence of absurd, death-defying mini-games. The longer players hold on to their three lives, the faster-paced and more aggressive the game becomes about ensuring a very dumb death. In between poking a grizzly bear or dressing like a moose during hunting season, players must also avoid death around public transportation by jumping back from the edge of a train platform and keeping motorists from driving around railroad crossings as trains approach.

As players reach certain point benchmarks, they unlock new characters to populate the game’s train station platform. Scores and screenshots can be shared over Twitter.

Dumb Ways to Die began as a public service announcement for train platform safety by Metro Trains in Melbourne Australia. By opting to relay their safety message through a clever mobile game, Metro Trains and Dumb Ways to Die has been able to gain international fame. A music video for the game was eventually released and currently has more than 60 million views on YouTube. Since the campaign began, Metro Trains has reported a 21 percent reduction in accidents and deaths.

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    Total Game Reviews: 2

    Dumb Ways to Die is a mini masterpiece of well-executed creativity and my congratulations goes, not only to the dev team but also to Melbourne Metro for having the innovative sense to see their brief go this fresh direction. The best thing about this game is that it’s taken an incredibly dry subject (what not to do in a train station) and successfully integrated this public service message into a genuinely entertaining digital experience.

    It’s a very fast-paced game with a cheeky-fun minimalist animation style that successfully leverages that modern breed of black humour cute.

    My only regret is that I read about it before I played it. If I had come into the game without the benefit of exposition, I suspect I may have found it a bit confusing. It’s also possible that I wold have understood it, if incrementally.

    In light of its fast-paced approach, I think this is a game for fairly experienced casual game players. That said, there’s apparently enough of them out there on train platforms because Melbourne Metro reports "a 21 percent reduction in accidents and deaths since the campaign began", and the 66 million YouTube views for the corresponding music video suggests this campaign has reached well beyond it’s intended sphere of influence. In fact, I’m guessing people from London and New York are minding the gap like never before. Who could ask for better impact than that?

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    Total Game Reviews: 4

    the game is an interesting concept. you play a bunch of tasks to avoid dying like running away by tapping or flicking enemies away. the ways of dying are interesting which make gameplay interesting. the graphics arent all that but it doesnt really take away from the gameplay too much.

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    Total Game Reviews: 1

    Graphicwise for kids. Subtle demonstration of the dangers of situations. promotes responsible actions, teaches pre-cautionary.But narrow situations in the game. Mostly Western setting which Eastern would not always fell connected with the game in a sense that there are people who don’t usetoaster. Add some situations like using fake chargers, Using inappropriate shoes in a certain terrain, mountain hiking, etc.

  4. 10
    Total Game Reviews: 1

    I don’t have any games on my phone but this one. It’s so good; I love playing it. It’s a weird game for sure. The song is even weirder. Though I really do enjoy this game.

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    Total Game Reviews: 1

    Dumb ways to day is a funny game at the beginning, but it gets a little bit tiring because it doesn’t have many options of gaming. It have cute graphics and a lovely song

    I would like to sincerely apologise if i made any english mistake

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    Total Game Reviews: 2

    I loved the different games put into the big one. And the variety of some hard games and some easier games was a god balance. The only con I would have is that when you are first starting out, the instructions are very fast and they leave you a little bewildered as to what you are supposed to be doing. But you do catch on so that isnt a con for long.

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