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A third person shooter that takes place in the bodies of 19 fictional cancer patients.

RELEASE DATE 01.01.2006


The Re-Mission video game was created by HopeLab specifically for adolescents and young adults with cancer. Re-Mission is the first video game shown to induce positive behaviors that enhance the effectiveness of medical treatment. In Re-Mission, players pilot a nanobot named Roxxi as she travels through the bodies of fictional cancer patients destroying cancer cells, battling bacterial infections, and managing side effects associated with cancer and cancer treatment. Research shows that patients who played Re-Mission stuck to their prescribed treatments more consistently, a key component of successful cancer treatment, and showed increases in cancer knowledge and self-efficacy.

Re-Mission is a third person shooter and takes place in the bodies of 19 fictional cancer patients from diverse backgrounds. The types of cancers represented include: ALL, AML, Brain Tumor, Ewing’s Sarcoma, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Osteosarcoma. There are 20 levels of game play and the game is rated “T” for teen by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board.

Pam Omidyar, HopeLab