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A game to promote autism acceptance among elementary school children.

RELEASE DATE 05.09.2018


Prism helps neurotypical children aged 8 to 10 empathize with their peers who have autism. It is a digital game for the children to play, paired with a discussion framework for instructors that takes the children through the game and how it relates to their everyday lives.


It is a technological solution to an important problem society faces today—helping neurotypical people to empathize with those on the autism spectrum. Working initially with 3rd and 4th graders at the Beech Bottom Primary School in in Brooke County, West Virginia, the team behind Prism is creating the tools to help a generation of children grow up with increased awareness and understanding for their autistic peers. If successful, the technology that powers Prism can be expanded to reach additional age groups, parents of autistic children, educators, and beyond.