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In addition to our Games page, this list of resources will help you find even more social impact, learning, and health and science-related games. Learning games are categorized as games that can be used in the classroom, while science and health games are a subset of that category. The database list is a modified and expanded version this listing created by the Games for Change Chicago Meetup.

Know of a database or resource that should be added to this list? Email us a link here.



Center for Games and Impact

Guides for how to use games that are not purposely educational in an academic sense (i.e., EVEWorld of WarcraftCivilization V) in the classroom. There are sortable categories with guides for teachers, parents, and players.

Clark Chart
List of educational and serious games, sortable by subject.

Common Sense Media
Lists of games and movies with reviews based on their educational value as well as age appropriateness. Reviews give detailed information and ratings for positive messages, language, positive role models and more. Robust filters for searching games including based on topics, skill, and age.

Game Classification
Collaborative effort to classify games based on their gameplay, target audience, and purpose.

Games with Purpose
Showcases the best of the learning games and sortable by tags.

Kids say what they learn from games with categories like engineering, math, teamwork, and more. Easy to search, although not all the reviews are trustworthy.

Serious Games Directory
A comprehensive list of serious games searchable by intended audience including military, schools, and healthcare.




Health Games Research Database
Health games that are searchable by keywords or numerous other filters, including topic and target audience.

Science Game Center
Features a comprehensive list of science games with the goal of creating expert reviews by scientists, as well as reviews by players and teachers. The website also features filters for searching by platform, price, subject, and more.



Brain POP


Browser-based educational games with videos on the game’s subject matter and quizzes. Games sorted by academic subjects.

Economics Games
A website geared toward teachers that allows them to create competitions among students and use games to teach economics.

Educational App Store
Database of apps with numerous search filters.

edWeb’s Collaborative Games For Learning Database
A Google document with games that can be used in the classroom.

Games for Learning Institute
List of learning games with ratings.

Games in Education
Wiki of games to use in education with materials to help teachers.

Gaming the Past
Provides resources for teaching history with games and recommends games to use in the classroom. Be warned though, the site features some broken links as well as old games.

List of educational games, websites, and apps with a robust set of filters to find what you’re looking for. Graphite also includes teacher ratings as well as learning ratings.

Math Chimp
Database of links to math videos, games, and worksheets geared towards grades 1-8. There are reviews next to each link, and games are only searchable by grade level.

Playful Learning
Network for teachers to use games in the classroom.

Playing History
List of games with reviews searchable by tags.

Power My Learning
Videos, games, and activities to teach children. Support for teachers and parents to make playlists. Games are sorted by topic and grade level.