Diverse Voices, New Stories: A G4C Mobile Challenge

Mobile gaming has fueled rapid growth in the gaming industry, reaching every corner of the globe with more than 3 billion players worldwide. While the industry is becoming more diverse, there are many voices and stories that remain underrepresented in the industry. When the IGDA asked game developers if there is equal treatment and opportunity for all in the game industry in a 2021 survey, 74% said no. Marginalized creators face gaps in funding and resources at every step in the pipeline, from game development to marketing, distribution, and discoverability in app stores.  

The Diverse Voices, New Stories Challenge aims to drive increased visibility for mobile games created by underrepresented game developers and help players discover games that include more diverse characters, voices, and stories. 

Creators are invited to submit completed or nearly completed Android mobile games that have not yet been published on Android app stores. Games will be reviewed by panels of expert judges, and one team will receive:

  • $10,000 cash prize
  • $10,000 in advertising funds
  • Opportunity to work with mobile marketing experts to help define the launch and marketing strategy for the game. 

Promotional opportunities with Games for Change (G4C) including featuring the published game on G4C’s website, social media channels, newsletter and blog. In addition, the game will be showcased at the annual G4C Festival in summer 2023.

The Challenge is open to game developers worldwide with a focus on creators whose voices have been excluded in the global gaming industry. The Challenge aims to (1) highlight diverse creators and (2) help audiences discover mobile games that include stories, voices and characters that have been historically underrepresented in the games industry. Game creator(s) and/or games must meet at least one of these two goals in order to be eligible for the Challenge. Please read the Challenge Rules and Guidelines for more information. 

 Submit your game by November 16, 2022, @ 11:59 PM EST!