Calling all innovative game makers

Half the Sky and Games for Change
Games for Change has an opportunity that we want to share with you
. It’s to develop a social game around the transmedia project Half the Sky, which is based on the non-fiction best-seller by Pulitzer Prize winners Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. G4C is producing the game component and we are seeking a world-class game developer and/or interactive agency to create a high-quality online social game dealing with the themes in the book – overcoming oppression and empowering women and girls in the developing world. The project has funding commitments from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the Ford Foundation and ITVS.


CGI2010 Empowering Women + Half the Sky

Last week at the Clinton Global Initiative 2010, former President Bill Clinton announced that CGI will now make protecting and empowering women a top priority. Thanks to the continued efforts of people like Mallika Dutt, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, as well as dozens of NGOs around the globe, the difficult issues that women face are now receiving global attention.



Meetup Everywhere about Games for Change

Games for Change Meetup Everywhere

Today we’re delighted to announce a new tool that will assist our community to discuss social impact games. We created a Meetup Everywhere page. is a tool that allows like-minded individuals to gather and produce events about shared interests. We set up this tool because of the great demand from friends and colleagues who want to spark Games for Change events and activities in their communities. With our Meetup Everywhere page, we’re encouraging everyone to get together and self organize their own Meetups.


Now everyone can play, make, learn and more importantly, have a free and easy way to connect with one another and discuss games that can positively impact our world.


To get started with your own Meetup or to see if there are any in your area, check out the page here.


To get assistance in setting up a Meetup in your area, contact our Community and Content Manager, Jeff Ramos here:


jeff (at)


We can’t wait to see more and more Games for Change Meetups pop up all over the world! And don’t forget to any tweetsphotos, and videos with #G4CMeetUp

Stan Lee is fighting for our rights

Stan Lee, Video Game Voters Network

The legend behind the greatest names in comic books, Stan Lee, recently sent out an open letter to everyone and the Video Game Voters Network. The VGVN is an American organization that aims to get more gamers to become registered voters so they can protect video games and their First Amendment rights. Stan Lee is encouraging more gamers to take up the flag of the VGVN and defend themselves as game creators and/or enthusiasts.


President Obama and The National STEM Video Game Challenge

Nearly a year after President Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” announcement, our President is back with another initiative that will change the world of gaming. The National STEM Video Game Challenge is Obama’s latest move to advance education and gaming. For over 25 years, video game developers have been fighting for legitimacy. Even the idea of what we do as Games For Change fights for the belief that games can be more than pure entertainment. We can indeed teach, engage and create change through an interactive experience.


Gamestar Mechanic: A Lesson in Game Design

Gamestar Mechanic

On September 29, 2010, you may have heard a giant sigh of relief resonate from the East Coast of the United States. After four years, two funding cycles by the MacArthur Foundation, three organizations involved in the development (Gamelab, Institute of Play and E-Line Media), a revival of the project and immeasurable hard work and persistence of all involved, Gamestar Mechanic finally launches. This title not only puts players into a uniquely crafted world, but also allows them to create platformer-style games within the game to share with others.