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Way is a 2-player, online game where strangers learn speak and collaborate




WAY was created by a multidisciplinary independent game design team named Coco & Co including Chris Bell from thatgamecompany (Flower, Flow).

In WAY, players are set it a 2D platforming game environment. At first, players navigate the game area alone, trying to make sense of what the game experience is meant to be. Moments later, the game reveals that your journey is happening simultaneously with another, unnamed, random player. Both players can see the movements of the other player but cannot interact directly.

As the game progresses, players will be met with puzzle that they cannot solve alone. Only the other player can see what path the other player must take to progress forward. Both players must use a mixture of gestures and simple, emotional grunts to guide their now destined partner to a dramatic and uplifting ending.

WAY’s non-verbal gameplay is meant to elicit feelings of connection with random strangers from no particular part of the world. As players are unknowingly paired up with one another, they must adapt to gameplay changes while depending on a stranger to help them succeed and vice versa. This unique gameplay style is meant to spawn feelings of kinship and personal connection, which can be shared on a global message board on the game’s website.




Mac, PC