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Fight to be king of the (ant)hills in this real-time strategy game.




In TyrAnt, players take the reins of running a leafcutter ant colony, ultimately aiming to gather enough food for the larvae to hatch into flying ants and expand the colony elsewhere. The game shows how ant civilizations function and thrive, while challenging players to balance limited resources among food gathering, defending territory from invaders, and maintaining the ants’ home base.

Three types of ants can by dispatched through touch-screen controls: soldiers who fight off encroaching enemies, foragers who gather food, and miners who expand the ants’ underground empire. In managing the ants and carefully managing resources, players begin to see how ants communicate and work together in large numbers to survive in biologically diverse and fragile ecosystems. TyrAnt starts at a basic, comprehensive pace and steadily ups the difficulty by tossing in more and more obstacles and dangers, to the point where colony management can get overwhelming. Before you know it, you’ve spent a half-hour or so carefully directing your ants and are ready for more.

The develop of TyrAnt, Preloaded, partnered with Amplify, a subsidiary of News Corp., to publish this and other learning games. TyrAnt has already been rolled out to U.S. schools as part of the Amplify pilot program and is set to launch in 2014.





Android, iOS