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The End


A puzzle game about mortality, belief, and science.




The End is a physics and board game-based puzzle game created by the award-winning Preloaded Studios and commissioned by Channel 4 Education. Created for 14 – 19 year olds, The End is a game of self-discovery that challenges players with unique “light and dark” platforming and challenging board game puzzles while engaging the player with thought-provoking philosophical questions that speak to them at this unique stage in their life where thoughts and questions about mortality arise.

As players progress through The End, their answers to various questions plot their destiny on the Death Dial, showing them what personality type they are as well as what historical figures share their traits – featuring figures like Albert Einstein and Gandhi. The End encourages players to begin openly discussing mortality and create an experience that reflects their own personal views while giving them the opportunity to respond to questions that are not normally asked in society. This game gives teens the opportunity to think about often complex and important subject matter in a safe environment that can be shared with friends via Facebook.

Channel 4 Education