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The Best Amendment


Fight to collect stars in a four-dimensional shooting game about gun control.




In this massively single-player shooter, the player must think in four dimensions to distinguish between “good guys with guns” and “bad guys with guns.” The Best Amendment explores the rhetoric of the gun control debate through an elegant, clever death match, full of “cute graphics and realistic blood.”

The player plays as a figure in white, and must collect stars while shooting enemies who hold additional stars needed to complete each level before time runs out. After each round, the player gains access to a new, more powerful weapons with which to destroy opponents. Each new round also introduces a new enemy, who mirrors the player’s movements and attacks from the previous level to produce a chaotic hail of bullets.

The game becomes a profound statement about “good guys” and “bad guys”, problematizing issues at the core of the gun control debate. Once the player loses a round, The Best Amendment takes the extra step and introduces videogames into its critique of the rhetoric around gun control and violence using an inkblot test. The Best Amendment is bold, poignant, and displays critical game design at its best.




Mac, PC