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Reach for the Sun


Manage your plant to make as many seeds as possible before winter comes.




Reach for the Sun is a single-player resource management game in which you control a plant, growing it across a season in the attempt to make as many seeds as possible before winter comes. Your three main resources – water, nutrients, and starch – are used to expand your plant from a little seed into an extensive network of roots, leaves, and flowers. Roots and leaves are used to generate more resources, and flowers are used to produce seeds, which are also used as a currency outside of levels to unlock new types of plants, as well as improvements for the garden such as fertilizer, a watering can, and a praying mantis to fend off pests.

In the process of playing Reach for the Sun, you learn all about photosynthesis, plant anatomy, the role of male and female components in pollination, and even, perhaps, something more about the cycle of life and death. These learning processes are completely embedded though, concealed beneath a smooth interface, a beautiful art style, and a really fun set of core-mechanics. Reach for the Sun, while certainly a successful game for the classroom, excels even beyond through the total consideration given to its design.




Mac, PC