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PeaceMaker challenges players to establish peace in the Middle East.




PeaceMaker was born in the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) in Carnegie Mellon. As students, we set out to create a video game that is meaningful and non-violent. We chose the Israeli-Palestinian conflict which is to many a representation of the most significant challenges facing leaders today. We thought that in this particular point in time, we have a real chance to add new verbs to the vocabulary of the new generation, the future leaders of the world.

PeaceMaker challenges players to establish peace in the Middle East. Players can take the perspective of the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President and react to unpredictable real-world events. The players’ ultimate goal is to create virtual peace and be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. PeaceMaker aims to enhance a deeper understanding of multiple perspectives and challenge the player’s prior knowledge and assumptions.

Main features:
*  PeaceMaker is inspired by real events.
*  PeaceMaker is a turn-based strategy game with a high level view of the situation.
*  PeaceMaker is two games in one: the Israeli version and the Palestinian version.
*  Play the news: the game presents real news footage, images and headlines.
*  Depending on what players bring to the table, there are three difficulty levels to choose from including calm, tense and violent.

PeaceMaker has been featured in media outlets around the world and is available for PC or Mac in English, Arabic and Hebrew.

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