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Mission US: City of Immigrants


Navigate New York’s Lower East Side as a young Jewish immigrant from Russia




The goal of Mission US is to reignite passion and curiosity in American history among modern-day teenagers by offering an interactive educational platform that’s both accessible and engaging. Mission US currently offers four missions to embark upon, challenging them to think critically every step of the way in the shoes of a fellow historical peer.

In Mission 4: City of Immigrants, players take on the role of Lena Brodsky, a Jewish Russian teenager who recently immigrated to America. Help Lena navigate the unfamiliar tenement houses of lower Manhattan, and make important decisions that define her social, cultural and economical identity as a young woman. The game culminates in the turmoil of a growing labor movement and in the final chapter of the game, the player must decide whether to join the Triangle Factory labor strike or return to work under the existing dismal conditions.

THIRTEEN worked with Electric Funstuff, an educational software company  to design, develop, and produce the game and create effective learning experiences. Visit mission-us.org to access rich multimedia resources including educators materials such as curriculum activities, maps, personal narratives, vocabulary words, cultural artifacts and more.