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Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey


The first interactive project told from a Northern Cheyenne perspective.




The goal of Mission US is to reignite passion and curiosity in American history among modern-day teenagers by offering an interactive educational platform that’s both accessible and engaging. Mission US currently offers four missions to embark upon, challenging them to think critically every step of the way in the shoes of a fellow historical peer.

Winner of the 2014 G4C Awards in the Most Significant Impact category, Mission US: A Cheyenne Odyssey provides insight on the detrimental effects of U.S. westward expansion and the Cheyenne’s struggle for self-preservation, as players play the part of Little Fox, a Northern Cheyenne boy whose life gets forever changed. The missions require critical thinking and attention to detail as players make choices and must face the consequences of those decisions. The rewards of these missions are impressive: players gain knowledge on numerous historical figures and artifacts, develop empathy with their historical counterparts, and find themselves enlightened on significant historical events and the effects on all involved parties.

The gameplay is linear and accessible to all age groups, but also provides the players with options that develop a sense of responsibility and ownership. The designers included knowledge incentives that motivate the players to learn more and expand their historical terminology.Mission US’s player pool continues to grow at an impressive rate, currently standing with over 483,000 registered players and 27,000 registered teachers.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting, National Endowment for the Humanities