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Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy


Hone powerful persuasion skills in an futuristic civilization on Mars.




In Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy, the year is 2054 and the first human settlement on Mars has a lot of decisions to make: What kind of protein should the citizens cultivate? What species of pet would be best suited to life on Mars? Can robots really understand us? What’s the best ice-cream flavor?

Everyone wants to make proposals, but good proposals need well-constructed arguments. As a middle-school student in Argubot Academy, it is up to you to collect evidence, match evidence to claims, apply reasoned thinking and discuss proposals collaboratively, so you can make informed decisions about the future of civilization on Mars. Equip your trusty robot assistants (Argubots) with the strongest, most logical, and valid arguments and then send them into a battle of the wits to determine the policies that will govern life on Mars.

This tablet-based educational game is targeted at middle-school students and teaches argumentation and reasoned thinking in a highly engaging format. It is aligned to Common Core State Standards and packed with STEM content from NASA’s educational resources. Not only does the game motivate students to learn challenging argumentation skills, but it also provides assessment information regarding students’ abilities to craft valid arguments using strong evidence.  A 2014 field study designed to measure the game’s learning impact reported that, “students who play Mars Generation One for 3 hours with 2 hours of instruction can make as much as 1 year of learning gains in argumentation.”  You can read the full report here.

Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy is available for download on the iPad App Store. The EDU version comes with research, actionable student reporting and instructional resources, available on glasslabgames.org.

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