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Jewish Time Jump: New York


Discover history where you stand in this place-based game about Jewish life in the 1900s Greenwich Village. This location-based AR game is only playable in NYC.




Jewish Time Jump: New York is a place-based history alternate-reality game for iOS in which players travel back in time to the early 1900 Greenwich Village to uncover a story lost to time.  As a writer at the Jewish Time Jump Gazette, the player interviews different characters throughout Greenwich Village, experiencing different perspectives and stories of Jewish life, while avoiding thugs that patrol the area.  Players use their mobile phone or tablet to uncover this century-old world overlaid on the present day, and are able to interact with different people and artifacts based on their actual location within Greenwich Village.  The game features an inventory system for carrying virtual items, a system for changing your character’s clothing to blend in better with different social groups, and quests to further your progress within the game.

Although it is currently only playable in the Greenwich village area, Jewish Time Jump: New York will soon be releasing a set of QR codes that can be printed to access the game from anywhere, making it ideal for school groups, Jewish community centers, or individuals who want to play the game without traveling to the Greenwich village.  ConverJent, the company behind Jewish Time Jump: New York, works with organizations and schools to facilitate on-location play of the game.

Jewish Time Jump: New York was an award nominee at the Games for Change 2013 Festival for Most Innovative.

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