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Fate of the World


Fate of the World is a global strategy game that puts our future in your hands.




After another decade of inaction, the governments of the world wake up to a planet in chaos. The first impacts of climate change, population growth, resource over-exploitation and species loss have struck and a global organization has been created to respond. You are that response.

Will you help the planet or will you be an agent of destruction?!

Fate of the World is a nail-biting set of scenarios covering the next 200 years. At the heart of the game are 10 ‘Masterplans’ where you call the shots for all people including ‘Apocalypse’ where the goal is to raise the planet’s temperature to a lethal temperature; ‘Lifeboat’ where the goal is to save only yourself while abandoning everyone else to whatever catastrophes await them; and ‘Utopia’ where you can try to build a perfect society while battling population growth.

Fate of the World is brought to you by the award-winning Red Redemption team, developers of the highly successful ‘Climate Challenge’ game played by over 1 million players and receiving global press coverage, and Klaude Thomas AAA veteran games producer of ‘Battlestations: Midway’.




Mac, PC