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Data Dealer


Buy and sell personal information to make the most powerful data collection empire.




“Legal, Illegal, Whatever.”  With these words, you begin your data collection empire.  Data Dealer is a single-player (soon to be multi-player) systems management game in which you use your network of underground contacts and online companies to collect as many people’s personal information as you can, cultivating a valuable database that can be sold to other organizations.  You can pay off disgruntled nurses for medical information and hackers for passwords and credit card numbers, or you can develop your own companies – such as dating sites and loyalty card programs – to collect sexual orientations or buying habits for your database.  With the money you earn from selling this data, you can add features to your companies to access new types of information, or hire lawyers and psychologists to decrease your risk and increase the number of profiles you have access to.


Data Dealer uses easy-to-understand mechanics and a fun style to make the debate around information privacy accessible.  It visualizes complex systems of information exchange and embeds the player into them, encouraging systems thinking.  Currently, a demo is available for play, and the game promises more features in the actual release.  Most notable among these is the ability to interact with other players, stealing data or brokering deals to increase your own power.