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Collapsus blends a short film, interactive mini-games and news clips all at once.




Dutch broadcaster VRPO commissioned the transmedia experts Submarine Channel to create an online experience that would draw in new audiences that documentary films seemed to be missing. Together they crafted a storyline involving ten characters all from different sides of an energy conspiracy. The game hopes to immerse players in the storyline but to also reflect on some of the global and political issues that can spawn from a massive energy transition.

As the fictional game world moves from using fossil fuels to renewable resources, parts of the world are struggling to cope with the dramatic change. Blackouts are striking all around the globe and the challenges they cause are presented through different in-game characters and scenarios. Different opinions are expressed through their specific beliefs and agendas. The story shifts from three screens, all contained on one web page. The main screen is the short film that carries the entire story. As events happen throughout the story, news clips get unlocked and presented. Additionally, mini-games occur inside the movie itself or in another screen where generally, more thoughtful choices occur. The multiple interactive elements and storylines are there to give the player a broad view of the situation and the ability to make educated decisions in response to an evolving crisis.