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Climate Defense


Can you prevent global warming? “Let’s Pretend.”




Climate Defense is a single-player tower defense game that tasks the player with preventing global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) before it builds up in the atmosphere. Towers, representing set quantities of trees that could be grown to absorb carbon dioxide, can be constructed by the player to destroy CO2 clouds that march along pathways from the surface of the earth to the atmosphere in waves. As the average global temperature increases, impacts are presented to the player, detailing the expected results of global temperature increases predicted by scientists and economists. Players can also approach the problem by decreasing CO2 emissions or increasing the efficiency of energy consumption to decrease the size of the CO2 waves that the trees must deal with.

To emphasize its goal of presenting a well-researched current events game rather than an entertaining or fun game, Climate Defense offers a second game mode called “Let’s Pretend,” where the data on which the game is based is altered to provide a winnable experience. This only emphasizes the seriousness of the actual game, where it is near impossible to solve the problem using the tools that are available to the player. Climate Defense provides a concise, researched window into a debated topic that concerns the entire global community, making it an important game for the contemporary moment.