G4C Learn: Everything You Need to Know About New Programs Launching This Fall

  As the new school year begins, Games for Change is introducing G4C Learn, an expanded range of learning programs to support educators as they continue to navigate a combination of in-person and virtual teaching and learning. Building on the success of our flagship G4C Student Challenge program — a national program that has reached… Read more »

How Games and VR Frame Refugee Issues

Carne y Arena – Alejandro González Iñárritu © Legendary   Darfur is Dying and Food Force   In 2006, I visited the G4C Festival for the first time. In a break-out session, I initiated a conversation on games as a documentary medium. Drawing from the poetics of documentary, we discussed how docu-games mix ‘documenting’ and… Read more »

#G4C18 Festival Program: EdTech Highlights

  Meet with potential funders, network with future partners and gain practical advice for developing, marketing and sustaining your EdTech projects.  Join us at #G4C18 for these sessions and more: –Gonzalo Frasca (DragonBox) will describe the challenges involved in creating a full math curriculum with games, printed textbooks and storybooks –David Langendoen and Leah Potter… Read more »

Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Games

Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed adding “gaming disorder” to the list of recognized psychological disorders. This move reflects broader conversations around the world, where many people associate games with social “problems,” such as violence, aggression, obesity, and addiction. On the other hand, HEVGA and other game organizations and researchers have questioned these… Read more »


  Come out to the the Kennedy Center in Washington DC on January 8 to Demo 11 New VR Learning Games.   Virtual Reality (VR) is an emerging area in education that holds promise for enriching student learning both in and out of the classroom. VR can immerse students in hands-on situations that often times would… Read more »

Help us build the social impact games field

I’m excited to share Impact with Games, a new project to get at the big picture. With this report series, we seek better ways to describe and define the impact of increasingly diverse games — for funders, designers and makers, and cause-driven organizations. We feel we could better connect designers and researchers, help introduce more… Read more »

Be the Video Game Developer: Encouraging Girls to Create Games

You might have a compelling game design program when kids respond like this: “I can make my dream a reality for other kids,” said Junior Girl Scout Amritha, after passionately explaining her idea for an adventure game about bullying. “Many kids have been victims of that, and I know from personal experience that it’s no fun.”… Read more »

Games for Change Presents: A Game Design Contest to Win $35,000!

In Games for Change’s first-ever public design competition, we will award a prize of  $35,000 to create a prototype of a safe sex awareness game. The game will developed for and in collaboration with Answer, a progressive, tech-savvy organization that has more than 30 years experience providing and promoting sexuality awareness to young people. As part… Read more »

Half the Sky Game: What Went Right and What Went Wrong? (Part 1)

Since its debut a little more than a month ago on March 4, the Half the Sky game has seen 500,000 players (!), who in total have contributed more than $160,000 in donations directly or through sponsors. Players have already unlocked 83,000 books and $56,000 worth of life-changing surgeries. While we’re proud of the meaningful… Read more »

“9 Minutes” Mobile Game Evaluation Demonstrates Positive Change for Pregnant Women

We’re excited to share the positive results of a recent evaluation of the mobile phone game, 9 Minutes, that was produced as part of the “Half the Sky Movement”. The game was developed for feature phones commonly used in India and East Africa. Learn more here. 9 Minutes plays out the adventure of pregnancy and rewards… Read more »