Creating History with HistoryMaker VR

This is a guest blog post written by Dwayne Waite, Jr., Marketing Manager at Schell Games   Using innovative technology like virtual reality (VR) in classrooms is an exciting prospect. The fact that virtual reality can help students feel, empathize, and connect with material and concepts should give educators pause to consider how they can… Read more »

Introducing the ‘Learn to Code’ Games Fellowship! 🎮

  To be prepared for the world they are entering, youth need to know how to use the technology that influences their lives. Not only do they need to be digitally literate, but they also need to have digital agency – the ability to shape technology, rather than be shaped by it. Coding is undeniably… Read more »

And the 2014 Games For Change Award Nominees Are …

Get ready to play—the 2014 Games for Change Award nominees are here! Narrowed down from a field of over 140 titles, these eight finalists will compete for the winning prize across three categories: Most Innovative, Most Significant Impact, and Best Gameplay. The winning games will be announced on April 23 at the 11th Anniversary Games… Read more »

Happy #GivingTuesday: Time to Play Games and Give Back!

With 92 games now linking to over a dozen charities, the Charity Game Jam has been a huge success! During this weeklong event, hosted by online game-making community One Game a Month, game developers from around the world created or updated games that are connected to charities and causes of their choice. We want to… Read more »

Awards Nominee Spotlight: Eskom Energy Planner

In attempts to improve the environment, we do things like recycle and use energy-efficient lightbulbs. But what if our responsibilities in — and impact on — our cities’ environments were far greater? In Eskom Energy Planner, players are given complete control over the electrical infrastructure of a virtual city, putting them in charge of managing… Read more »

Awards Nominee Spotlight: The Republia Times

What if there was no such thing as freedom of the press? What would you do if your family was held hostage by a man called “The Great and Honorable Leader” (a dictator who is anything but), and to keep them alive, you had to spread propaganda as widely as possible? The Republia Times emulates these… Read more »

Awards Nominee Spotlight: Blindside

People-eating monsters have taken over the city, and it’s up to you to make it out alive. One catch: you have suddenly become totally blind. BlindSide, a Games for Change Award nominee in the Most Innovative category, gives players the experience of living without sight as they hear their way through a danger-filled city. It is… Read more »

Awards Nominee Spotlight: Jewish Time Jump

Pictured right: A photo of Rose Schneiderman (Photo credit: Library of Congress). Pictured left: The Chronometer Time Machine, mid-time jump (Illustration by Liza Singer). Get ready to put on your reporter’s hat and enter Jewish Time Jump: New York, an interactive story and place-based augmented reality game created to teach players a part of Jewish… Read more »

Awards Nominee Spotlight: Reach for the Sun

While a plant’s life cycle may seem static and slow moving to the human eye, Reach for the Sun transforms the process of understanding how plants grow and photosynthesize into a dynamic and engaging experience. The player’s goal is to grow a plant across a season, span producing as many seeds as possible before winter strikes…. Read more »

How I See News-Games by Tomas Rawlings, Designer of Endgame:Syria

At we have been working on creating news-games for the past three months. We’ve covered a wide range of topics from solar power to the US election. However it was Endgame:Syria that got people talking and reopened the questions about games and reality. (For those new to Endgame:Syria, it is a game that looks… Read more »