University of São Paulo Partners with the Games for Change Accelerator as Part of the Seventh Games for Change Latin America Festival in Brazil!

As part of the 7th Games for Change Latin America Festival in Brazil, University of São Paulo will be partnering with the Games for Change Accelerator! Accelerating the creation and development of social impact games, the “Pitch for Change” challenge begins December 5 in partnership with The Games for Change Accelerator (G4CA), Games for Change Latin America, and co-sponsored by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the UNESCO Global Alliance for Partnerships in Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL), and with support from the Brazilian Game Industry Association (ABRAGAMES).
“The emerging Brazilian game industry is as creative and competitive as the best companies in the world, creating successful games in genres including adventure, fantasy, and simulation. It is equally important that this creative potential is also geared towards addressing issues such as social inequality, violence prevention, healthcare, environmental, and cultural matters,” said Gilson Schwartz, Associate Professor at the University of São Paulo (USP) Department of Film, Radio and TV, who has spearheaded “Games for Change Latin America” for ten years.
The “Pitch for Change” competition marks the première launch of the accelerator initiative in Brazil and takes place in conjunction with the seventh Games for Change Festival Latin America. The Judging Committee will evaluate more than 20 pre-selected projects in three categories (ideas, prototypes and games in advanced development stage) on December 5 at the International Negotiations Studies Center at the Institute of International Relations, USP.
G4CA (New York City) General Manager Margaret Wallace will be in attendance and will be part of the Judging Committee. The pitching sessions are the leading event of the inaugural year of “São Paulo Play Week”, a partnership with SP Business, the Youth Coordination of the Municipal Secretary of Human Rights and Citizenship, and the Municipal Secretary for People with Disabilities. The event received all ABRAGAMES certifications for diversity.
“The future of Brazil’s creative economy lies in the hands of those who find the right mix between market competition and problem-solving, whether through digital and analog games, toys, and smart applications,” according to Schwartz.
The Judging Committee is comprised of experts in software development, engineering, communications, arts, law, entrepreneurship, economics, game design, and producers of various technology solutions for companies.
Winners of the “Pitch for Change” challenge will present their work at the Games for Change Festival in New York City in July 2020, promoting their products in the international market with support from CAPES, the Brazilian national graduation scholarships program. CAPES brings USP’s research and entrepreneurship group closer to universities, games research, and creative industries centers in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Israel, and the United States.
“Pitch for Change” is unique because of its profit-driven and social impact emphasis as well as its focus on start-ups from all over the world. “A major priority is in connecting with advanced games research and development centers worldwide,” said Schwartz.

“Pitch for Change” Details

When: December 5, 2019
Where: International Relations Institute at the University of São Paulo, Auditorium

Judging Committee

Gilson Schwartz
Amâncio Jorge Silva Nunes de Oliveira (CAENI, IRI, USP)
André Leme Fleury (Engenharia de Produção, POLI, USP)
Cristina Helena Pinto de Mello (ESPM)
Cristina Northfleet de Albuquerque (Faculdade de Ciências Farmacêuticas, USP)
Elizabeth Balbachevsky (FFLCH,USP)
Ernane Guimarães Neto (Rede Brasileira de Estudos Lúdicos)
Fabio Kon (IME, USP)
Marcelo Cypriano (Economista-Estrategista da Mont Capital)
Margaret Wallace (General Manager, Games for Change Accelerator, New York City)
Ricardo Nakamura (Engenharia de Computação, POLI, USP)
Tatiana Calvo (Produtora, Hacienda)
Vitor Blotta (ECA, USP e Núcleo de Estudos da Violência, USP)

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