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Is Intensive Game Playing a Mental Health Condition?


Join Games for Change Europe in Paris for a spectacular seminar “Videogames: Pleasure & Dependence” and find out by yourself…


Compulsive game playing is now a mental health condition according to the World Health Organization in the latest edition of its disease classification manual announced Monday June 18.


This decision raises important questions:


♦ What are the Signs & Symptoms of Videogame Addiction?

♦ Is game addiction a pleasure-seeking dysfunction or a passion-seeking endeavor?

♦ What are the foundations for game addiction?

♦ Is there a relationship between Game Addiction and Psychological Distress?

♦ Games and “Puritan work ethic”: How games are viewed in France, the US, Japan?

♦ Is game addiction similar to pornography addiction?

♦ Is game addiction similar to drug or alcohol addiction?

♦ What about the Joy of Transgression?

♦ Catharsis or Aggression?

♦ How Game Designers build stickiness?

♦ Stickiness & data analytics: Good or Evil?

♦ From Immersion to Addiction: An irresistible path?

♦ Is it still possible to build a bridge between Gamers and Society (Parents, Educators, Authorities…) and how?

Join us in Paris (France), on Friday, July 6, for an intense discussion about one of the hottest topics of the moment.

Gamers, Game Designers, Parents, Analytics Specialists, Educators, Cognitive Neuroscience Experts, Publishers, and Psychotherapists will discuss the impact of games on the mental health of gamers.


Lévan Sardjevéladzé, CEO – Celsius Online / Président – Syndicat National du Jeu Video (SNJV) ;

Julien Villedieu, General Manager – SNJV ;

Dr Olivier Phan, Addictologist – Centre Pierre Nicole ;

Dr Bruno Rocher, Psychiatrist – Addictologist – Service d’Addictologie / IFAC au CHU Nantes ;

Dr Pierre Taquet, PhD – Clinical Psychologist- GHSC, CHRU de Lille, PSITEC Lille 3

Raphaël Robert-Bouchard, Game Designer – Libellud ;

Joceran Borderie, Game Designer and Psychologist;

Marientina Gotsis, Artist and Designer / Research Associate Professor of Interactive Media & Games, Cinematic Arts – University of Southern California.

Michael Stora, Psychologist & Psychoanalyst – OMNSH ;

Thomas Gaon, Clinical Psychologist, addictology, teenagers, and new media specialist – CSAPA,

Vanessa Lalo, Clinical Psychologist specialized in digital practice and their impact on cognition, education, and culture

Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Guardiola, PhD – Prof. Dr. in game design at Cologne Game Lab – TH Koln

Oriane Cappella – Corporate Social Responsibility Director – Ubisoft International

Frédérique Cauvin Doumic – Curator – Games for Change Europe

Jean-Michel Blottière – President – Games for Change Europe.

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