#G4C18 Festival Regular Priced Passes End Tonight! 📢



Regular rates on festival passes expire tonight

This is your last chance to pick up passes for the Games for Change Festival  before regular ticket pricing ends tonight at 11:59 p.m. EST. Buy a ticket and gain access to the special sessions below. Hurry, spots are limited!
Meet the Funder: Marc Ruppel (NEH)                                        6 Spots
Meet the Funder: David Miller (NIH)                                           7 Spots
Meet the Funder: Lakita Edwards (NEA)                                    5 Spots
Meet the Funder: Edward Metz (US Dept. of Ed./SBIR)             6 Spots
Meet the Funder: Jax Deluca (NEA)                                            5 Spots
Meet the Funder: Philip Loew (NYCRIN)                                    7 Spots
G4C Speed Networking: June 28th                                             9 Spots
XR4C Speed Networking: June 30th                                         10 Spots
Mentor Lounge                                                                             6 Spots

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