VR for Change

  Since 2004, Games for Change (G4C) has remained committed to empowering a community of people who create digital games that have an impact on the real world. During that time G4C kept a close eye on the progress of virtual reality, and earlier this year decided to step up our efforts and organize focused… Read more »

G4C Attends VR/AR/MR for Impact

  Earlier this month, Susanna Pollack, president of G4C, gave a talk at G4C Europe’s VR/AR/MR for Impact conference in Aix en Provence, France. The event was hosted at TheCamp, a unique community and campus that focuses on bringing together creators of technology and social innovation. It was an exciting 2 days and congrats to… Read more »

GameTheory Wins VR Brain Jam and Shares Insights

  The GameTheory team was lucky enough to spend the last weekend of July doing what we love most: solving problems with games in entirely new ways.   We were asked to join Games for Change’s first ever Neuroscience VR Game Jam, or #BrainJam. And yes, that’s a quite a bit to fit into one… Read more »