Get your copy of the The Game Jam Guide

The Game Jam Guide

Get your copy of The Game Jam Guide

The Game Jam Guide e-book, which debuted at the Festival, shares over 20 flexible lesson plans and new ideas from experts who led game jams in NYC that were focused on real-world issues.
The guidebook is the culminating work of four Moveable Game Jams, funded by the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund through a Catalyst Grant in 2016. The game jams focused on three themes: climate change, smart cities, and immigrant history. The guide was developed and written by Kevin Miklasz from BrainPOP, Matt Farber, Alex Fleming from Mouse and Sara Cornish from Games for Change.
Game jam partners included Global Kids, Mouse, Institute of Play, Museum of the Moving Image, Brooklyn College Community Partnership, and CoderDojo NYC. This program reached over 1,000 students at events held in four NYC boroughs, which motivated NYC students to submit 400 original video games to the G4C Student Challenge.


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