Games for Change Migration Challenge: A $10,000 game design competition on migration

G4C Migration Design Challenge

Send your game ideas about migration integration for our $10,000 challenge!

The integration of migrant populations has always been an important issue faced by many countries all around the world. Integration is a two-way street, with native-born and immigrant populations both experiencing significant change, challenges and opportunity. How can a game help people understand and work through concerns over perceived job competition and changes in the cultural fabric while recognizing the economic, linguistic, and cultural benefits that can accrue to the broader society when immigrants can also succeed? How can a game experience emphasize community engagement to help migrants and their neighbors improve their understanding of each other?

This is where you come in. In partnership with the Migration Policy Institute, Games for Change is hosting a $10,000 migrant game design challenge that hopes to inspire the creation of a game that connects existing and migrating communities. We want to address the importance of how integration is a two-way street, with both communities experiencing drastic new conflicts and opportunities that are unique to cultural integration.

The challenge is open to entrants from all around the world and requires no previous development experience to submit game design ideas that will engage the players to think about the long term effects and issues of migrant integration in their own lives and communities.

Submit your game idea!

Key Dates:

  • January 10: Submissions open
  • February 15: Deadline for submissions
  • March 15: Winner selected


One selected winner will receive $10,000.


Read the official rules and guidelines for a complete background, competition guidelines, and criteria.

Resources from the Migration Policy Institute:


Debra Everett-Lane

Hi there. I have a few questions: 1) What is the expected age of players? 2) What is the preferred medium — app? online? boardgame? live? 3) Is there an expected environment for gameplay — school? home? Thanks!

Games for Change

Hi Debra,

Here are some answers to your questions. Please let us know if you need anything else?

What is the expected age of players?:
There is no specified age group.

What is the preferred medium — app? online? boardgame? live?
Should be digital but format/platform (app, web, hybrid) is not as important.

Is there an expected environment for gameplay — school? home?


Hi there. Just wondering if there are any restrictions about who can enter this competition, specifically is it only open to US residents or can anyone around the world enter?
Thanks :).

Games for Change

Anyone around the world can enter. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


Can I critique the globalist ideology by creating a game where uncontrolled immigration ends badly?
That would more helpful to the world right now.


Is this challenge only for game ideas or is it possible to submit actual games (in development or published)?


Games for Change

Hi, Alex! We're awarding prizes for the game idea, but welcome you to submit a published or in-development game. Please be sure to include any prototypes or games in your application, if you have them.


Hi I’m close to submitting my entry, and was wondering is there an upload file size limit on the ‘Reference File’/Upload a File part Of the form. Many thanks.

Games for Change

Hi Edward, the file size limit is set around 10MB. If you think you need more space or have trouble uploading your submission materials, please email us at [email protected]?

Sergey Velichko

When are you planning to announce a result of this competition? Today is March 15 already. Thank you!


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