Play 100+ NYC-made games at Playcrafting's Summer Expo! ☀


You’ve likely heard about Playcrafting here before, whether it was from this year’s G4C Awards + Opening Night Party or one of the G4C Demo Nights we co-hosted together. We’d like to highlight their work in supporting the local game development scenes in New York City. If you’re a game developer in NYC, Boston, or San Francisco, see how Playcrafting can support you in making your game a reality!

Playcrafting NYC‘s seasonal celebration of games made in and around NYC is next week! Check out the full list of confirmed games, with more to come, and some of the games for change-related projects below.

We’ll once again welcome over 100 games and their developers as more than 700 fellow developers, industry pros and enthusiasts get hands-on playtime with the latest from these creators. Complimentary gourmet pizza will be provided.

New to Playcrafting? Check out May’s Spring Expo.


School the System

Catherine Schmitz

An online game and interactive fiction that explores zero-tolerance discipline policies in the U.S. K-12 public school system and how these zero-tolerance policies lead to higher rates of expulsion and in the long run, greatly contribute to the school-to-prison pipeline.


Miyeon Kim

A brainwave arcade game designed for people who experience difficulty focusing and concentrating. Wearing a Neurosky headset, players aim to increase their concentration skills through a 2D arcade game.


Hyacinth Nil

A meditation on the interaction between personal identity and social understanding. The player begins with a command-line style interface that enables them to communicate with others in the network. Without a memory, the player must construct an identity from the fragments of information given to them by others–and eventually discover their role in what happened.

Reflections at Sunset

Foolish Heart

This is a text-based game where you view the sights and sounds of the sunset and allow your thoughts to wander towards your personal life. Inspired by the developer’s experiences with meditation and the process of how innocuous thoughts could lead to more personal ones.

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