Play impact games and hear how they're made at Playcrafting + G4C Demo Night

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It’s back! We’re co-hosting our second Demo & Play Night with our friends at Playcrafting NYC. You’ll get to hear developers talk about the process of making their games and then get to play each game too. Join us March 31 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Microsoft’s NYC headquarters.

That Dragon, Cancer Numinous Games
An immersive narrative videogame that retells Joel Green’s four-year fight against cancer through about two hours of poetic, imaginative gameplay that explores faith, hope and love.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday iNKStories
1979 Revolution: Black Friday is choice-driven, narrative game that brings players into the gritty streets of Iran in the late 1970s as Reza, an aspiring photojournalist. Deemed “a truly revolutionary game” by The New Yorker, 1979 Revolution is set for release on April 5.

Save the Park Games for Change / Schell Games
Save the Park is a collaborative endless runner game that inspires players to volunteer in National Parks. The game was created through a grant from American Express as part of the National Parks Centennial Celebration.

MicroRangers The American Museum of Natural History
An augmented reality game designed to be played on a mobile device while at the American Museum of Natural History. Players team up with scientists and microscopic lifeforms to fight global threats to biodiversity and the 6th Extinction!

Mission US: Up from the Dust Electric Funstuff
In Mission US, players experience a pivotal moment in American History from the perspective of a young person. In the latest installment, Up from the Dust, you encounter the twin disasters of the Depression and Dust Bowl. How do you survive the worst hard times?

Library Lost The Completely Surrounded
Library Lost is a first-person puzzle game about a girl trying to find her way out of a library by deciphering clues that are hidden in plain sight. It uses stunning images from the New York Public Library’s Digital Repository of 180,000+ items.

Killer Snails: Assassins of the Sea Killer Snails LLC
In the deck-building card game Killer Snails: Assassins of the Sea, you are the scientist collecting predatory cone snails that prey on fish, worms and other mollusks, to build a venom arsenal of potentially life-saving peptide toxins. Out-strategize your competition and concoct the winning solution!




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