Lessons Learned from Camp Minecraft

Game designers know a lot about failure and iteration. Getting a play concept right on the first (or 50th!) try happens infrequently and as a result, game designers quickly learn to traffic in the space of possibility—what if we did this? What if we changed that? Feedback from players fuels the iterative design cycle, helping… Read more »

E3 2015: 10 games that we're looking forward to

E3, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, is always a spectacle: hours-long press conferences from top developers and publishers, flashy new titles, and a sprawling exhibition floor. Some things this year were a little different. Large studios are responding to the calls for inclusivity and diversity in games, with more than 20 games featuring female leads… Read more »

Response to Impact With Games Report: Sabrina Culyba of Schell Games

[ This post was originally published on GameImpact.net This guest post by Sabrina Culyba is the first in a series of responses to our first report. ] I’m Sabrina Culyba, a game designer at Schell Games. I was excited to see the first Impact with Games report and the conversation it represents. The report team… Read more »

G4C Festival: The full story in videos, pictures, and stats

Our 2015 G4C Festival covered a lot of ground in three days, with dozens of games, talks, and attendees coming from around the world to share and celebrate the positive power of games. Catch up on everything that happened: YOUTUBE: Watch videos of talks FLICKR: Check out photos of the festivities Stay tuned for updates on… Read more »