Introducing the G4C Industry Circle:A group of pioneering organizations


In a first-of-its-kind effort to acknowledge the achievements and opportunities in the games for change sector, we are pleased to announce a new initiative called the Industry Circle.

We are recognizing some of the businesses and entrepreneurs who are taking risks, developing viable business models, and emerging as leaders in the sector. We believe that identifying and sharing best practices and lessons learned can inspire and invite others to forge new paths in the field.

As part of this initiative, Industry Circle members are lending generous support to this year’s G4C Festival, where they will also share some of the keys to their success with our community at the Town Hall Q&A.

Industry Circle Members


Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn. Ampliy products enable teachers to manage whole classrooms and, at the same time, empower them to offer more personalized instruction, so that students become more active, engaged learners.
Play some of their games: TyrAnt, Twelve a Dozen, Mlob Rule

With their collection of animated educational content, BrainPOP supports teachers, engages students, and bolsters achievement in classrooms and at home. Their learning games library, GameUp, features over 100 games from partners and is lauded by educators, players, and parents alike.
Play featured games: Quandary, After The Storm: Day One, Codemonkey

Filament Games
A creator of digital learning games and interactives, Filament Games’ mission is to deliver best-in-class teaching solutions that foster 21st-century skills through experiential learning. Their games have seen over 28 million plays and 40,000 paid downloads on Steam.
Play some of their games: Crazy Plant Shop, Reach for the Sun, Backyard Engineers

GlassLab Games
Through its threefold approach, GlassLab Games aims to improve the learning games space by developing games, assessing the impact games have on student outcomes, and providing developers with tools for easily implementing the infrastructure and transparency that teachers require.
Play their games: Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy EDU, SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!

Global Gaming Initiative
A social enterprise enabling gamers to convert play time into tangible social donations. Their games are making a difference in the lives of children in need through the gifts of bicycles, soccer balls, and life-saving malaria treatments.
Play their games: Sidekick Cycle, Winning Kick, Outbreak Responder

Kognito is a leader in driving positive changes in behavior by allowing players to practice challenging conversations with emotionally responsive virtual humans. Their experiences have addressed chronic disease, PTSD, and social issues, and are the first simulations listed in the NREPP.
Play some of their games: Together Strong, Start the Talk, Change Talk

Schell Games
One of the biggest independent game studios in the U.S., Schell Games specializes in creating transformational games. With a decade of game-making experience, they’ve worked with world-famous brands, such as Yale University, The Fred Rogers Company, Disney, and Microsoft.
Play some of their games: Lexica, Tunnel Tail, PlayForward: Elm City Stories



Town Hall: Meet Industry Circle leaders

As part of this effort, the Festival will include an interactive session with Industry Circle members on Thursday, April 23. The 90-minute exchange will feature short talks by leaders from each organization, followed by a Q&A and open discussion of the existing and changing landscape. The session is open for all Festival registrants, first-come, first-served! Register now.


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