G4C Shows Half the Sky Movement: The Game at the UN Youth Assembly

UN General Assembly Hall

We were very honored to show Half the Sky Movement: The Game at the United Nations, as part of the 12th International Youth Assembly, where around 800 young delegates had gathered from around the world to discuss the UN’s eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). We wouldn’t have had this chance to discuss social impact games with the next generation of global change-makers without John German, a senior advisor to UN groups and frequent attendee of the annual G4C Festival (thanks, John!).

Michelle Byrd presents Half the Sky Movement: The Game at the United Nations.With its aim of empowering women worldwide and emphasis on education for girls and women, Half the Sky Movement: The Game fit right in with the ambitious UN Youth Assembly agenda, which included speakers such as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and UN Women Deputy Executive Director Lakshmi Puri.

G4C Co-President Michelle Byrd (pictured right) spoke about the game’s accomplishments so far, following Puri’s inspiring presentation on similar themes of gender equality and women empowerment. Watch the video of Michelle’s talk here.

After the short presentation, G4C led a private demo with a group of Youth Assembly delegates from the U.S., Brazil, Korea, and Japan. The demo piqued delegates’ interest as a new way to take on old, long-standing social problems.

“The educational content in itself is interesting, and I think the NGO funding is integrated quite well,” said delegate Derek Chung, after playing the game.

“I think it proves a very interesting concept: Videogames can be used to promote great social change,” he said. “I would be very interested to see this concept and idea be integrated with a social entrepreneurship venture.”

G4C Co-President Michelle Byrd demoes Half the Sky Movement: The Game for at the UN for Youth Assembly delegates.
We were highly impressed by the ambition displayed by these delegates, who were as young as 16 years old (and already talking about plans for their own social impact startups!), as they shared with us their hopes for how they’ll someday make the world a better place. They’re undoubtedly going great places after the Youth Assembly, and we hope to see social impact games from some of them in the future!

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Yewubdar Hailu

Half the sky is a movement that bring more people on board to be part of the change processes.


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