Sex Etc. Game Design Contest Finalists Announced!

From left to right: Safe Sex With Friends, Check/Mate, and SexEd Super Task Force.

Games for Change is excited to announce the finalists for our first-ever public design competition!

Selected finalists are:

  • Safe Sex with Friends by Team Jimmy: A social mobile game for iPhone and Android that uses a simple pick-up-and-play mechanic to teach teens and young adults the basics of when to use barrier protection for safer sex. By referencing the familiar game style of tile-based word games such a Scrabble, Safe Sex with Friends teaches safer-sex methods in an approachable and engaging way that’s easy to learn but hard to master. Designed by Kaho Abe (NYU Game Center), Ramsey Nasser, and Sarah Schoemann (NYU-Poly).
  • SexEd Super Task Force by Electronic Bohemia: A web-based adventure game where players are recruited to take part in a league of SexEd Superheros and learn the art of defense against such issues as STIs, unwanted pregnancy, and peer pressure. Players will use their newly acquired skills to guide others towards safer and healthier relationships with sexuality, giving them the best possible answers and solutions modern science has to offer. Designed by Tracy Gromek and Marcus Pingel, co-founders of Brooklyn, New York-based Electronic Bohemia.
  • Check/Mate by Team Mate: A visual novel game where the core mechanic is trust, which is built between the characters through the players’ actions. The point-and-click controls are meant to emulate physical interaction. For example, scrolling with the mouse results in gentle actions, while clicking on the center button on the mouse leads to harsh actions. What players can do with a character depends on the trust between their avatar and the character. Designed by Stéphanie Mader, Julien Barbe, and Judicaëlle Live Lun of ENJMIN in France.
  • Finalists are eligible to win $35,000 to prototype their design for a safe sex awareness game.

    As part of the competition, the three finalists will present their ideas on stage at the 10th Anniversary Games for Change Festival (June 17-19, NYC), with the full attention of attendees, media, potential funders and a juried panel. The $35,000 winning concept will then be announced at the festival in front of a live audience.

    The game will be developed for and in collaboration with Answer, a progressive, tech-savvy organization that has more than 30 years experience providing and promoting sexuality awareness to young people. The final game will be featured on, Answer’s site that reaches millions of teens each year with life-enhancing—and often life-saving—sexuality and sexual health information.

    Click here for a complete background and competition guidelines:


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