Games for Change Presents: A Game Design Contest to Win $35,000!

In Games for Change’s first-ever public design competition, we will award a prize of  $35,000 to create a prototype of a safe sex awareness game. The game will developed for and in collaboration with Answer, a progressive, tech-savvy organization that has more than 30 years experience providing and promoting sexuality awareness to young people.

As part of the competition, three finalists will be selected to present their ideas on stage at the 10th Anniversary Games for Change Festival (June 17-19), with the full attention of attendees, media, potential funders and a juried panel. The winning concept will then be announced at the festival in front of a live audience.

The final game will be featured on, Answer’s site that reaches millions of teens each year with life-enhancing—and often life-saving—sexuality and sexual health information.

Click here for a complete background and competition guidelines:


MAY 17: Submissions Due – submit here. [Update: The call for submissions is over and the link is no longer active.]

May 24: Finalists Selected and Notified

June 17: Festival: Finalists Present Designs & Live Juried Competition


3 Finalists

1 Selected Winner

  • Three free passes to the 2013 G4C Festival
  • A forum to present your design to representatives from the games industry and the public sector
  • Opportunities to network with developers and funders
  • Up to $35,000 to take their design to the prototype stage
  • Support and advice from G4C
  • Opportunity to pursue future collaboration with Answer
  • Promotion on G4C’s website and social media channels

Submit here by May 17.

If you have any questions, please read the Competition Guidelines and FAQs here:



откройте учебник за 9 клас , и покажите в игре венерические болезни и их причины

Игровые новости | Организация Games for Change предлагает 35 тысяч долларов за игру о безопасном сексе | Новости онлайн игр

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За игру о контрацепции предлагают $35 тыс. | Блог Imena.UA

[…] Предполагается, что «первая в мире игра о  контрацепции» будет бороться с постоянно растущим на Западе уровнем подростковых беременностей, равно как и с распространением венерических заболеваний и ВИЧ. После создания игры, её планируют выложить в свободный доступ в Сеть. Кроме того, игру портируют на мобильные платформы. Сбор идей продлится до 17 мая 2013 года. Представить свою задумку можно вот здесь. […]


Have an idea for the contest = game of love with a couple of students who need help with the choice of contraception. (chip game room = choose from what is available)


Plees? give me a chanse, a ganiouse ydea!! i speek in russian! i have a goooood idea!!! логическая игра в варианте шашек про все виды контрацепции с вариантами вреда спиртных напитков, наркомании, и включая все виды контрацепции? бомбы в виде контрацепции,уничтожение презервативов с помощью пива и т.д. и т.п.!!! нипишите – начерчу!!!!


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