Games for Change Pre-Festival Summit Videos

While the annual Games for Change Festival is known for packing wide and diverse content into its core programming, the Pre-Festival Summit (June 20, 2011) was an opportunity for those looking to set aside an entire day to immerse themselves in targeted and engaging information. This year, we were happy to present two individual workshops and today, we’re excited to share the full day’s videos.

Sponsored by AMD, this program focuses on bringing together educators for a series of talks, presentations, and case studies. The goal is to explore the possibilities of introducing game design and game making technology in the classroom and/or community programs. The day also included a hands-on session, in which attendees broke into groups to brainstorm and create new games on the spot.

You can view the entire day’s worth of content on this 2011 AMD Workshop Vimeo Channel.

In collaboration with Nethope, we curated a series of case studies and adjacent talks detailing the challenges, lessons learned, and tangible outcomes of games for social impact. Multiple game designers, funders, and implementing partners shared their findings in front of a packed audience throughout the day. The five ‘games for change’ projects – iCivics, At-Risk, Enercities, Evoke and Macon Money – cover such subject matter as civic education, mental health, sustainable energy, international development and civic engagement.

You can view all case studies at our dedicated The Case for Social Impact Games Vimeo Channel.

We’re curious about which ideas, presentations, or case studies piqued your interest the most. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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New York Birthday

Jeff, we absolutely love what you and the G4C team are doing. Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing. Inspiring Digital Kids With Game Design looks awesome!


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