Lessons for "games for change" creators and funders

For the first time at the Games for Change Festival, we introduced an opportunity for producers and designers of games in development to get live feedback from experts on the main stage. The 2011 “Demo Spotlight” invited six upcoming games to present their work in front of a stellar jury: Frank Lantz of Zynga New York and… Read more »

Virtual worlds summer camp resurrects the prehistoric

In 2010, the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) piloted their Virtual Worlds Institute, a digital media-based summer camp for middle schoolers. This year’s second Virtual Worlds Institute was a two-week long experience where students chose a prehistoric sea creature from the Cretaceous period and brought them back to life with research and cutting edge software.

What games have changed

Recently, our co-president Asi Burak had the privilege to do a guest editorial on Kotaku, one of the Internet’s most popular contemporary video game websites. In the recent months, Kotaku’s been taking a more critical approach towards the game community and industry by inviting other guest writers like Ian Bogost. The opportunity to share our… Read more »

Littleloud interview with Darren Garrett

Hot off the heel of winning a Games for Change Award for The Curfew and the release of their new game, Sweatshop, we spoke to Darren Garrett, the Chief Creative of Littleloud Digital Entertainment. Darren and his studio are also known for the BAFTA Award winning title Bow Street Runner. Games for Change spoke with Darren about their… Read more »

Games for Change Pre-Festival Summit Videos

While the annual Games for Change Festival is known for packing wide and diverse content into its core programming, the Pre-Festival Summit (June 20, 2011) was an opportunity for those looking to set aside an entire day to immerse themselves in targeted and engaging information. This year, we were happy to present two individual workshops… Read more »